Black Friday 2023 Pizza Oven Deals [Updated Daily]

Last updated: 11/17 8:40pm

The portable pizza oven market is growing exponentially with dozens of new companies entering the space, both big and small. And with this, come products that fit both big and small budgets.

Pizza ovens are also one of the hottest gift trends this year. However, a lot of research should be done before gifting a pizza oven. Here are a few big ones to focus on before buying an oven:

  1. Pizza Style: The most important research you can do is determining which style of pizza(s) the giftee likes most. Certain pizza ovens, such as the Gozney Roccbox, are incredible at baking authentic Neapolitan style pizza because of the intense 950 degree fahrenheit burner. On the flip side, ovens such as the Halo Versa 16 are only capable of baking New York style pizza (or any other made with bread flour) due to the smaller flame. New York style pizza is tailor-made for less intense pizza ovens, between the 500 – 700F range. During my hands-on research testing the best pizza ovens, I found that there are a few ovens capable of doing both styles due to a highly adjustable flame – the Ooni Karu 16, Ooni Karu 12G, Gozney Dome, and Solo Pi / Solo Pi Prime.
  2. Fuel Type: The most popular fuel type these days is propane. Gas is quicker to preheat, easier to maintain temperature, and less of a cleanup. Wood, on the other hand, offers a more authentic experience for those after the wood-fired aspect. However, I will say, from my experience, pizzas do not bake long enough in an oven to pull much flavors from the wood fire. The high heat from a gas oven can make just as good of a pizza as wood can. The best solution to this debate? Grab an oven that’s multi-fueled! You can change out the gas burner for a wood tray in the matter of minutes. 
  3. Space: The majority of pizza ovens weigh at or below the 40lb mark, making them relatively portable. However, most people prefer to set up a dedicated space for these – similar to grills. To do so, the recipient will likely need a stainless steel prep table or something similar to place the oven on and have space to prepare the pizza. Note: pizza ovens shouldn’t be placed up against the house or under any overhangs.
  4. Size: There are two main sizes of pizza ovens to choose from: 12″ or 16″ (with the exception of some more expensive ovens which can be a lot bigger). 16″ ovens tend to be quite a lot more money – in some cases double – but offer the ability to make bigger pizzas and/or more maneuverability when baking.


Ooni: Up to 30% OFF. It’s that time of the year! If you’re considering an Ooni, do it now. 20% off the Karu and Koda and 30% off the Fyra. Get it while you can only through

Gozney Roccbox: 20% OFF. This is an incredible deal guys. $100 off my top-rated 12″ pizza oven for Neapolitan-style. Get it while you can through (preferred), or on Amazon.

Bertello: 20% OFF. Both the original Bertello and the newer Bertello Grande are 20% off on Amazon.

Breville Pizzaiolo: 20% OFF. I’ve never seen this oven on sale before, so consider it a good one.

Gozney Black Friday Sale

Gozney just released their Black Friday offer on the Gozney Roccbox: an awesome 20% off which lasts November 13 through December 14. There are also a few additional deals on accessories and bundles, here’s the full scoop:

Is it a good deal? You bet your butt it is. Gozney doesn’t discount often.

Ooni Black Friday Sale

11/19: Ooni Black Friday deal is LIVE a day early.

11/17: OONI SALE IS LIVE ON ACE HARDWARE. This is interesting, and I wonder if it’s a mistake. I don’t understand why the sale would go live on Ace Hardware before their own website. But it looks like 20% off the majority of ovens (excluding the new 12G and Volt).

Last year, Ooni offered 20% off on select pizza ovens which picked up a lot of buzz. I’m expecting them to do the same this year, but time will tell. I’ll update the Ooni section as soon as it becomes available.

Solo Stove Black Friday Sale

Solo Stove tends to have a continuous “sale” on their products. I’m very curious if they will further discount these for Black Friday or not. As some of you know, the new Solo Pi Prime performed incredible for costing less than $300.

Bertello Black Friday Sale

ALL of Bertello’s products are now 20% off. The original Bertello oven with the complete bundle package (cover, peel, temp gun, wood and gas burners) can be grabbed for $391. Whereas the big brother Bertello Grande can be purchased for $439 (oven only).

Is it a good deal? Nothing out of the ordinary here. If you decided you want a Bertello, this is as low of a price as it tends to go, but they have a sale like this multiple times per year.

Written by Derek Gaughan

Derek Gaughan is the Founder and Content Lead for Pala Pizza. He's been featured in PMQ Magazine, The Washington Post, and Home & Gardens. Derek holds an MBA from Pennsylvania State University and is a trained pizzaiolo, specializing in New York style, Neapolitan, and Detroit pizzas.

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