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Gozney Dome S1 Review: Full Test

The world’s sexiest pizza oven now comes in a more affordable model. Many of you know how much I love the original dual-fuel Dome, manufactured by Gozney; the beautiful rolling flame, tons of cooking space, great insulation, and of course… the looks. 

And all of these features were retained in the new Gozney Dome S1. What you don’t get is the option to cook with wood. But with a ~$500 price cut, this is huge for those who tend to cook with gas anyway.

In this Gozney Dome S1 review, I’ll quickly walk you through the unboxing and setup of the pizza oven before diving into the juicy details: performance; complete with preheat tests and cooking multiple styles of pizza. Let’s do it.

I buy the majority of the ovens reviewed on this site. And I can use your help.

I do not run ads on my website! If you find this review helpful, and decide the Dome S1 is the oven for you… consider using one of the affiliate links below; I will receive a small commission which I will use to review even more ovens.

Unboxing & Design

Because of the size (24.9″ H x 24.7″ D x 28.7″ W) and weight (107lb) of this oven, a freight team delivers it instead of your typical UPS or Fedex. An unexpectedly nice touch was the white glove service, not only putting it where you want but unboxing and setting it up for you.

I really contemplated sending them on their way, since I like to show the unboxing process in my reviews. But did I mention it weighs 107lbs? I opted to watch some football.

An hour later, they went on their way and I had this beauty ready to go. All I had to do was a quick leak test.

dome s1 stand
dome s1 design2

The stand is really impressive – cohesively completing the look and providing some mobility to the heavy oven, thanks to smooth-rolling caster wheels. Unless you have an outdoor kitchen with plenty of counter space, you’ll want to grab one of these. 

And the dome itself is as beautiful as ever. A new digital thermometer located on the left measures ambient temperature, but you’ll still want to use an infrared temp gun to check stone temperature. 

The gas dial and ignition is the smoothest of any oven I’ve used. Just turn it and it ignites. No holding in a dial for 10 seconds and praying it stays lit. 

dome s1 thermometer
dome s1 flame

And the flame…

The flame is mesmerizing…But let’s turn that down for now; the manual says to cure the oven on low heat for 30 minutes before letting it cool. It seemed to take a long time to cool down, which says a lot about the insulation.


dome s1 temp test

Preheat Test

I tested the temperature in 5 minute intervals on a cold, windy, 38 degree fahrenheit day. It topped out around 850F degrees when measuring the center of the stone. This isn’t too bad considering the temperature outside, but it may hinder the performance a bit since the top flame is so powerful (a good balance of stone temp and overhead heat is what makes a great pizza oven). 

Gozney Dome S1 Preheat Test 38F day windy

What I found interesting is that the stone on the opposite side of the burner was nearly just as hot. It shows how great of a design this oven really is. The flame rolls across the top of the dome efficiently heating the whole area. 

Neapolitan Test #1

I launched my first Neapolitan when the center stone read 814 degrees and baked it for 90 seconds. I liked the top results, with a nice crust and melted cheese, but the bottom needed more heat.

dome s1 neapolitan1
Unbelievable top crust
dome s1 neapolitan1 1
A bit underdone bottom

So I let the stone climb up to 858, and my goodness. The pizzas cook so fast in this oven. If you like leoparding on Neapolitan crust, this is the oven you need. But once again, with the cold temperatures outside, I would have preferred another 10 or 15 seconds on the bottom.

I buy the majority of the ovens reviewed on this site. And I can use your help.

I do not run ads on my website! If you find this review helpful, and decide the Dome S1 is the oven for you… consider using one of the affiliate links below; I will receive a small commission which I will use to review even more ovens.
dome s1 neapolitan2
Once again, beautiful crust.
dome s1 neapolitan2 2 2
Getting closer to a great bottom.

Neapolitan Test #2 (Neapolitan Arch)

So, to give you the best review possible, I ordered the Neapolitan arch accessory. Since I’m testing mid-winter, the smaller mouth opening should help it reach higher temps. The installation takes 30 seconds, and it also comes with a flue extension. I believe it’s a regulatory thing where they have to sell the extension with the arch, but they claim it also improves air flow.

dome s1 neapolitan arch 2
The flue extension comes with the Neapolitan arch
dome s1 neapolitan arch2 2
The arch reduces the opening width by a few inches

I tested the temperature again on an even colder 32 degree day, and here are the results. The stone temperature actually increases in between pizza bakes. I launched a pizza at 900 degrees, and by the time I made two more, the stone read over 1,000 degrees.

Gozney Dome S1 Neapolitan Arch Test 32F day 1

So, how long does it take to bake a Neapolitan at this kind of heat? 

55 seconds. Absolutely bonkers. This was a quick dough I threw together the night before, not my typical poolish. And it still turned out amazing with a great bottom as well. And this was in freezing temperatures.

dome s1 55 second 2
A 55 second perfect bake!
dome s1 55 second2 2
And an unbelievable bottom crust!

So, if you plan on using the Dome in cold weather, the Arch is a must. But if you only plan on using it in warm temperatures, it won’t be necessary.

New York Style Test

With such a huge flame, I thought cooking new york styles would be near impossible. But the design blew me away again. On low heat, you can cook an amazing crispy-bottomed New York over the course of 5 minutes, without any fear of burning the top. With ample space inside, it’s really easy to maneuver a full 16 inch pie. 

dome s1 NY style bottom
Super crispy bottom crust.
dome s1 NY style3
Basically a perfect New York.

Not to mention everything else you can make in this, like bread, salmon, and slow roasted chicken.

I buy the majority of the ovens reviewed on this site. And I can use your help.

I do not run ads on my website! If you find this review helpful, and decide the Dome S1 is the oven for you… consider using one of the affiliate links below; I will receive a small commission which I will use to review even more ovens.

Dome S1 Accessories

Gozney sells quite a few accessories that really improve the cooking experience. Some are more of an option, while some I feel are required. Let’s talk through a couple to see if they’re worth buying.

Placement and Turning Peels

I know what you’re thinking: “Duh. Of course I need a peel!” But I wanted to call out that the Dome / Dome S1 peels have a much longer handle, and this IS required in order to have the best (and safest) cooking experience. I tried using the Roccbox peel, and the heat from the Dome opening is a lot more intense. Also, the longer turning peel really makes maneuvering pizzas a breeze.

dome s1 long peel edited scaled
dome s1 long turner

These peels cost a pretty penny, but they work great. The placement peel resists sticking while also removing excess flour through the holes.

Rope Sealed Door

This is very much an optional accessory; in fact, I find it more practical on the original Dome oven because the rope sealed door cannot be used with the gas burner on. You can still use it with the Dome S1 to lock heat in and slow bake some food, but only after heating the oven and turning the gas off. Whereas this door can be used with woodfire (original Dome).

Neapolitan Arch & Flue Extension

Earlier in this Dome S1 review, I detailed just how important the Neapolitan Arch accessory is for cooking in cold climates. It’s remarkable how much of an improvement this offered. Getting an oven over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit while in freezing temps still blows my mind. But depending on where you live, it could be overkill.

Dome S1 Mantel

Typically, I make a shout out to any oven manufacturer that offers a mantel. A small shelf in front of the stone (especially on portable pizza ovens) really helps with retrieving and launching pizzas. But I’ll be honest, with the amount of space inside the Gozney Dome S1, I really didn’t think it was necessary. Maneuvering pizzas is already crazy easy.

Dome Cover

Clearly we all need a cover for our pizza ovens. But one thing I want to mention is that the Dome S1 is shipped with a really lightweight white cover. In fact, I might call it a dust jacket rather than a cover. It’s not anything I’d want protecting the oven form the elements.

dome s1 cover

The real tan-colored outdoor cover comes in two sizes: a standard size to fit over the Dome S1 oven itself, or a larger size that fits over the Dome S1 oven AND the stand.

Is Gozney Dome S1 Worth The Money?

What else can I say. This is an incredible oven. Every design choice was made for a reason, which positively affects the performance. The price of this Dome is higher than what I typically review, but man. I don’t see how anyone could regret this purchase. If it fits your budget, you’ll be getting one of the best pizza ovens on the market.

Gozney Dome S1 Review: Full Test
The good.
Incredible baking performance and heat retention, reaching over 1,000F even in freezing temperatures
Accessories available that improve the performance even further
Beautiful design
The bad.
You will need the Neapolitan Arch accessory if cooking in cold temps.
The best of the best.

Written by Derek Gaughan

Derek Gaughan is the Founder and Content Lead for Pala Pizza. He's been featured in PMQ Magazine, The Washington Post, and Home & Gardens. Derek holds an MBA from Pennsylvania State University and is a trained pizzaiolo, specializing in New York style, Neapolitan, and Detroit pizzas.

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