First Look: New Gozney Arc Pizza Oven

Update: This is no longer speculation! We now have definitive info on the new Gozney Arc lineup of outdoor pizza ovens. And I’ll be placing my order Day 1 to do a full review

Alongside Ooni, Gozney revolutionized the outdoor pizza oven market. And they’re back with what I believe will be another gamechanger.

Low-heat pizza ovens are easy to design, and can be great for New York style pizzas. But hot pizza ovens – those capable of easily reaching over 900F – are much more difficult, especially when abiding by US regulations. 

But after testing over 30 pizza ovens, I’ve used ovens that reach over 900F but are simply lackluster compared to Gozney’s products. Heat isn’t everything; there’s a huge difference in performance due to overall oven design.

The performance of the Roccbox is unbelievable when considering the cost. And on the opposite end, the Dome is like the Rolls Royce of pizza ovens – but it comes at a cost. What’s missing? An offering in the mid-range that competes with the Ooni Karu 16

Enter the new Gozney Arc.

Gozney Arc and Arc XL

Sign up to get on the early access list. It’s very likely these will sell out quickly.

gozney arc small jpg

Gozney Arc Features

  • Fuel type: Propane only. No natural gas or wood option.
  • Lateral Gas Burner: A thin burner on the left rolls flame across the top dome, nearly touching the other side of the stone.
  • Huge Cooking Space: The thin burner design really opens up the usable cooking space inside.
  • Two models: Arc and Arc XL. The Arc will cook 14″ pizzas whereas the Arc XL can accommodate full 16″ pizzas.
  • More Portable: The Arc weighs 47 pounds (21.5kg) and the Arc XL weighs 58 pounds (26.5kg). These are more than half the weight of the Dome lineup (Dome 128 pound; Dome S1 105 pound.
gozney arc xl jpg

Upon looking inside, it looks huge. Tons of cooking space with a very deep pizza stone. 

But the most interesting part is the propane burner placement. Located all the way on the left, it’s a very narrow burner which is completely the opposite of the Roccbox and Dome. The flames roll across the top in a much thinner manner than their previous models.

arc flame
arc cooking space

And it’s awesome. The whole pizza stone will effectively be usable (unlike ovens with large burners, where if you place the pizza near it, it burns up too fast). The elongated dome should also hold heat very well.

gozney arc cooking pizza edited
gozney arc temp display edited

The vent located on the top of the oven is designed to reduce soot buildup (something the Dome and Roccbox both suffer from), and also eliminates the need for a chimney. And a new digital thermometer looks incredible.

new arc ovens

Right now it’s hard to tell if the Arc XL will fit on their Dome stand, or if the one shown above is a re-sized stand that will be specific to the Arc. But you can see they will likely be launching a new mini stand that’s designed to be placed on counters.

Gozney Arc Launch Date

The official launch date of the Gozney Arc and Gozney Arc XL is March 6, 2024.

It’s unknown if that’s when orders will begin or if that’s when soon-to-be customers will receive their orders. But if it’s anything like the Gozney Dome, we can expect inventory to be depleted quickly. So if you’re eager to get it, be ready to hit buy. 

Initial Rumors (originally published Jan 24, 2024)

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