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  • Reviewing the Expert Grill pizza oven

    Walmart’s Expert Grill Pizza Oven Review

    Walmart’s very own outdoor grilling brand, Expert Grill, released a 15″ pizza oven that’s been getting some attention for its attractive price tag. At just $117, this is easily one of the cheapest pizza ovens you can buy (not counting those awful turntable style ones on Amazon that are only good for heating a frozen […] More

  • Reviewing the top pizza ovens side by side

    8 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens for 2023

    Reviewer’s Choice I personally tested and wrote about every major outdoor pizza oven on the market. This isn’t one of those BS “review” websites that re-hash manufacturer specs. Seriously, just search for best pizza oven and you can see the Food Network and the Wire never even touched one of these ovens. I actually used these products […] More

  • Ninja Woodfire Outdoor oven review

    Review: Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Pizza Oven

    The massive Ninja brand, based out of Massachusetts, recently expanded their outdoor kitchen lineup with the new Woodfire Outdoor Oven. This 8-in-1 grill, smoker, and roaster (the list goes on) offers a wide range of heat, going as low as 175F for long smokes to a max of 700F for high-heat roasting and pizza. While […] More

  • Reviewing Ooni dough mixes

    Ooni Pizza Dough Mix Review: Neapolitan and New York

    Ooni’s growing grocery lineup now contains some pretty serious pizza-making options. From world-renowned Caputo flours to Graza oils and Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes (seriously some of the best in the world – and it comes from California?!), they have everything you need in order to make pizzas sourced from the best ingredients in the world. But […] More

  • testing the Pizzello Forte pizza oven

    Pizzello Forte Review: Budget Pizza Oven Test

    I’m on a kick of reviewing budget-focused pizza ovens to try and see if any can compete with the juggernauts Ooni and Gozney. The Pizzello Forte is a really intriguing choice because not only is it super cheap ($210 at the time of writing this), but it’s also multi-fuel, offering both gas and pellets to […] More

  • Testing the new Blackstone pizza oven

    Blackstone Pizza Oven Review [New Model]

    Blackstone fans, rejoice! The company took a huge step forward in the pizza space with their completely new standalone pizza oven. This product no longer uses their flat tops for heat; instead being replaced with an absolutely massive torch-style burner. The big selling points include an auto-rotating 16” pizza stone, an overhead pizza stone for […] More

  • karu 16 gas burner

    The 5 Best Natural Gas Pizza Ovens for 2023

    Reviewer’s Choice I personally tested and wrote about every natural gas pizza oven on the market. This isn’t one of those BS “review” websites that re-hash manufacturer specs. I actually used these products and continue to do so on a weekly basis. These are my recommendations. Got questions about pizza ovens? Send a message. I like to talk about them. […] More

  • Ooni Karu 12G review

    Ooni Karu 12G Pizza Oven Review: Ooni’s Next Best-Seller

    Ooni is always working hard to maintain their spot at the top of the pizza oven game. They’re known for their innovation and for staying one step ahead of the competition, and they recently proved themselves worthy of that reputation by releasing two new ovens simultaneously. We’ve already looked at the game-changing electric oven, the […] More

  • Ooni Volt 12 review

    Ooni Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven Review

    We saw it coming. It was inevitable. But even after seeing the launch announcement of Ooni’s first indoor/outdoor electric pizza oven, I couldn’t help but feel absolutely pumped. I feel this way for two reasons:  And to touch on that first point a bit more, the ability to make a true authentic Neapolitan pizza while […] More

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