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  • Keto friendly sugar free pizza sauce

    The Best Sugar Free Pizza Sauce [Keto-Friendly Recipe]

    The sauce is what makes a pizza in the end. There are so many different ways of making pizza sauce, too! Some use freshly crushed tomatoes, some use concentrated tomato paste. You can use herbs, dry or fresh, alongside garlic or even sugar. That’s a lot of options! But what happens if you don’t eat […] More

  • Chicken and waffle pizza recipe

    Chicken and Waffle Pizza Recipe

    The king of comfort food has arrived! What happens when you mix Chicken & Waffles with pizza? Well, you get Chicken & Waffles Pizza, of course; the most insanely delicious combination you have ever tasted! We’re talking a Detroit crust, chicken gravy as sauce, cheddar cheese, fried chicken, chopped waffles, and maple syrup to top […] More

  • Grandma style pizza recipe

    How To Make Grandma Style Pizza At Home

    When you think of New York-style pizza, you imagine a large thin slice that you fold in half to eat. What if I told you those iconic slices are not the only famous ‘za to come out of the great state of NY? With a silly name and an interesting origin, Grandma pizza is one […] More

  • White pizza

    The Ultimate White Pizza Sauce Recipe

    If you imagine a slice of pizza, what sauce do you see? Is it the typical red sauce, no sauce, or something else? While everyone on the planet loves tomato pizza sauce, white pizza sauce is often forgotten, but it is fabulous, and some would say an even better alternative. That is where the Ultimate […] More

  • Homemade Detroit style pizza
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    How To Make Detroit-Style Pizza At Home

    We’re not doing this write-up to give you a half-thought-out recipe that caters to the “home cook”. You know, those food blogs who use ketchup in Pad Thai because they don’t expect readers to have tamarind or oyster sauce. The way I see it is, if you’re putting in the effort to make an authentic […] More

  • Coney Dog Detroit Pizza

    Coney Dog Detroit Pizza

    We’re back with yet another hotdog pizza! Our Chicago Dog Detroit Pizza was a hit, so of course we had to try the next Big ‘Dog on the list. Coney dogs might be one of the most famous types of hot dog in the USA. They are meaty, savory, and messy, comprising of a hot […] More

  • The best BBQ chicken pizza recipe

    The BEST BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe

    BBQ chicken pizza. Everyone wants one, but not everyone knows how to make one. The sweet and smoky BBQ sauce, tender chicken, pickled red onion, and cilantro are topped with Alabama white BBQ sauce on a NY-style crust. Does it get any better than that?! Here, we will show you how to make each homemade […] More

  • Chicago Dog Detroit style pizza

    Chicago Dog Detroit Pizza

    The Chicago-style hot dog is one of the most famous types of wiener in the country. There is a stereotypical pop from the juicy Vienna hot dog, offset by spicy sport peppers, yellow mustard, and tangy bright green relish. You cannot visit Chicago without trying one of these amazing dogs. But what if you combined […] More

  • Spicy detroit pizza

    Spicy Detroit Pizza with Jalapeno, Pepperoni, Hot Honey

    It seems like everywhere you look, someone is coming out with a new take-out spicy pizza. Hot and fiery pizza is a huge trend in the food world, and we are here for it. Since making pizza at home is way more delicious than at the local pizza joint, it’s important we share our version […] More

  • Homemade pizza sauce from San Marzano tomatoes

    The Ultimate Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe

    This Ultimate Homemade Pizza Sauce is hearty, warm, garlicky, and oh-so-savory. It is totally worth the little bit of extra time, and if you’re already making homemade dough, why not add homemade sauce to boot? You will marvel at the taste of your homemade pizza made with from-scratch sauce. So, what are the aromatic ingredients […] More

  • Sourdough Detroit Pizza Recipe

    Sourdough Detroit Pizza Recipe

    A rectangle is not typically the shape one would associate with pizza. Depending on your location, most take-out pizza joints have one circular option and, maybe, a Sicilian style – that’s it. That is unless you live in the Detroit metropolitan area. There, you can find a crisp, yet airy Detroit-style pizza. This unique pie […] More

  • Authentic Neapolitan pizza recipe

    Neapolitan Pizza Recipe

    The simplicity of Neapolitan pizza never ceases to amaze. For a plain cheese pizza, it really packs a punch of flavor; more so than any other pie. But why is that? Is it due to the high-quality ingredients or 24-hour cold-fermented dough? Yes, it is the best for all those reasons, and more! From the […] More

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